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Praetor Raven Blackwood

Short Sci-Fi story I created a few years back.

Mood Glade City was heavy with activity as hover craft sped from place to place. The High Council was gathering at noon to establish a new frontier. A frontier that would catapult the Sentinal’s deep into space. Those called to the meeting were of the highest rank and authority. Magistrates and Councilors alike went to the council chambers where the first of the meetings was to begin.  Among those called were the clan leaders of the Joint Sentinel Convent; the fore fathers of the Sentinel Convent.

Among those called was Praetor Raven Blackwood.

Praetor Raven Blackwood awoke to a loud rapping on her door. She quickly jumped out of her bed and opened the door. At the door was one of the city’s messengers.  “Praetor, the High Council has requested you join them at their meeting. I have been ordered to escort you to the council chambers.” the messenger quickly said.

“Very well then” Raven said and began to follow the messenger.

Raven walked up the council chamber steps and told the messenger his duties had been served.  As Raven walked in to the building she was greeted by a desk assistant.

“You may go right in.  They are waiting for you.” Raven nodded and walked into the council chamber itself and was faced by the Magistrates, councilors, and the clan leaders of the joint Sentinel Convent.

Inside the chambers, many of the clan leaders and military advisors stood and sat around talking amongst themselves. The ambience of the room was loud but yet subtle as the meeting entered the prelude stages. Many of the Praetors and Executors had arrived per instruction. It was here that the High Council would dictate the next course of action.

Moments passed as one of the Court Elite Guards stomped his staff on the marble slab floor. The echo passed through the ancient chamber like a gunshot. Everyone in the chamber, some two hundred people, quieted down. Turning to the source of the noise the Elite Guard spoke from under his helmeted face.

“All Rise, the Honorary High Council presiding.” the Guards voice was hard and thick.  Up above him on a high-rise platform twelve high council members walked in behind their elevated desks. Their robes were neatly trimmed as they made their way marked seats.

The lead councilor was Supreme Councilor Furnoor Grace. Councilor Grace’s long white flowing hair ran down the flat his back. With his powerful hands he addressed the crowd in the room.

“Be seated brothers and sisters.” Graces voice reverberated throughout the room. As everyone took their seats, the Supreme Chancellor took his own seat. Seated neatly, The Supreme Chancellor activated his private CPU terminal. Appearing in front of him were various files and holo vid images needed for the meeting.

“Ish’nu Da Dee’ab Sentinals, thank for coming.” Lord Grace stated fully. “Now let us start this meeting for the obvious reasons. You all know about, or heard the rumors that the Sentinal High Council was debating about sending another expeditionary fleet to search for vibrant and new worlds. It’s here that we shall begin.”  Grace stated.

Several dozen voices murmured amongst the crowd as the High Council addressed themselves.

“Now, in light of recent events here on Ashenvale I and my fellow council members believe that it is imperative that an expeditionary force be sent.  Reasons being is that our populations are growing out of control and the need for space is causing rioting. With the ideas of colonization, the local provinces have calmed down but are demanding that a choice be made.” Councilman Jurid stated as he turned to face a woman on the high council. Her ears were long and riddled with fine jewels.

“Yes, now the High Council has all agreed that the fleet be sent.” the woman replied.  “Our only quarrel is who is to command the fleet?” the woman stated

From the crowds bickering and sniveling began amongst several male and female Hunters and huntress commanders.

“I Mistress Sentra of the Elite Glade Troop shall lead the expedition.”  Mistress Sentra said as he rose in her armored uniform.

This started a small argument that was quickly silence as Lord Grace intervened with his powerful voice.

“Silence!!” he boomed.

His gripping words hushed those in question while others spoke up stating their volunteers.

But out of the crowd Lord Grace’s eyes fell on the Praetors who’d been silent since the start.

“I say that one of our Praetors leads the Expeditionary forces.” Grace stated.

No one challenged Lord Graces’ statement.  The Praetors had long been the strongest group of men and woman in the entire Convent. There fierce and determined attitudes had one them many battles in the past. Grace eyed the leader of the Praetors, Arch Praetor Artanis.  Artanis was a tall thin elven man with long sharp ears. His dark skin was descended from the White Fire Clan. Rising from his seat he cleared his throat and quickly spoke.

“Aye, Lord Grace.” he replied. “We Praetor shall lead the way and, Goddess willing; swiftly find a new refuge that will end this new uprising.”  Artanis stated firmly. The high council seemingly approved the statement. Lord Grace turned too muttered quietly with the other council members before turning to address the Arch Praetor.

“Very well then Artanis, whom from your esteemed group shall be appointing Fleet Master?” Lord Grace stated.

Artanis knew just the person. Turning his gaze he faced Praetor Raven.

“I nominate Praetor Raven Blackwood to lead the expeditionary force.”  Artanis stated loudly.

The words soon fell on the entire room. No one said a word. Several people whispered but fell silent as they knew the name all too well.  The Blackwood family were legendary family from the White Fire Clan; one of the oldest clans in the Convent. Raven Blackwood’s Grandfather Lord Marcus was the most fiercest military commander, and above all was the most respected due to his lineage that followed him.

Lord Grace pleased to hear that a Blackwood had been picked quickly spoke.

“Well then” he started. “What does Miss Blackwood say to her nomination?” he questioned as he attempted to eye her from a distance.

Praetor Raven had been quiet throughout the meeting and listened while the other people bickered. She grew anxious when Lord Grace stated he wanted a Praetor to lead the Expeditionary forces. She watched as her leader Arch Praetor Artanis spoke. She knew what was going to happen. She watched Artanis as he turned towards her and nominated her to lead the Expeditionary forces. She sat there for a moment as the room grew silent. She could feel eyes watching her from all angles. She slowly stood up and spoke. “Lord Grace I would be very privileged to lead and command the fleet.”  Her voice was steady and firm as she spoke. “When will we begin our expedition?” She quickly added.

“You will leave right away, be at the star port in less than 30 minutes.”  Lord Grace spoke quickly. “Ishnu’ fala ‘nah.  Meeting dismissed.  Thank you all for coming on such short notice.” He added. Everyone gathered their stuff and headed out of the council chambers.

Praetor Raven walked swiftly to her sleeping quarters. She packed everything she needed and headed out.

As she approached the star port she saw the enormous length of the destroyer; Whisperwind.  It looked like a giant fish jumping out of the sea.

There were many other smaller vessels surrounding the massive destroyer. There were hundreds of people getting ready for deployment. Many soldiers were carrying supplies into the ship through a gravity lift. As Raven neared the gravity lift she was greeted by the captain of the ship. “Praetor Raven, I am Captain Malfurion. I will be of assistance during our mission to find new planets.” He said with a thick accent. “If you will come with me, you can get situated on the fleet. After you have unpacked your things I will introduce you to the helmsman of the ship, the ship captains who will be controlling the other vessels.”  He said stepping onto the outskirt of the gravity lift. “Thank you Captain Malfurion. I will also need to get acquainted with the ship captains who will be controlling the other vessels.”  Raven said and walked onto the gravity lift with Captain Malfurion.

The gravity lift lifted them into the cargo room. Raven saw many of the tanks and fighters that had already been loaded onto the vessel. Captain Malfurion led Raven into the bridge of the ship.  There were many people operating the bridges touch-screen computer systems.

They walked down a corridor and ended up in a large room. The room held many different quarters. Raven saw that there were already occupied rooms. Captain Malfurion led her to the room farthest away from them.

The captain handed Raven a keycard. “This is your personal keycard it allows you access through the energy door and into your room. Do not lose it.”  He said and walked away. Raven scanned the keycard on the door lock and watched as the energy door dissipated allowing her in.  The energy door immediately closed.  She looked around the room that would be hers for the next couple of months. The room held a small bed, dresser, desk and a touch-screen computer. On the wall was a holo-screen.  She emptied her belongings into the dresser and sat on the bed resting for a couple of minutes. Her moment of resting was interrupted by the holo-screen next to her.  It showed one of the lieutenants on the bridge. “Praetor Raven Blackwood your presence has been requested on the bridge. We are about to disembark from Ashenvale.” He said and the holo-screen went blank. Raven quickly exited out of the room and headed towards the bridge. It was there on the bridge of the Whisperwind that the vessel became alive. Raven could feel beneath her feet the very power of the ship as its raw and powerful energies resonated throughout the vessel.  It was not long before she soon began to rise and the very crest of the earth below began to vanish.

A very humbling experience as the ship slowly escalated into the skies. Along with the Whisperwind over a dozen other large star cruisers broke formation from the docks and began to ascend into the bright blue skies and from there to the stars beyond where their journey was to begin.