Monthly Archives: August 2015


I find it more intimidating to succeed than to fail. It’s scarier to think that one day I could have everything I’ve ever wanted than to think I could be stuck in the same everyday whirlpool that I’ve been living in for the past year.

How is it possible to be so afraid of succeeding that you actually let it stop you from reaching for the stars?

How would settling for mediocre ever be good enough?

How could you leave so much potential left untapped?

If your dreams don’t scare you then they’re not big enough. Mine terrify me.

The world doesn’t slow down so you can figure it out. If anything it spins faster. It gets more overwhelming. All you can really do is take a baby steps. One unsteady step is better than none at all.

I was born with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a heart that yearns to see the world. Unfortunately I’m also incredibly paradox in nature. My soul will forever be restless if I stay where I am.

Why does the first step have to be the hardest? Why does ending one chapter have to hurt when you know the next chapter is left blank, ready to be filled with new vivid memories and experiences?

I think it’s time I stopped simply existing and started living the life I’ve always dreamed of having.

~Sep. 14th ~