Monthly Archives: April 2015

Broken Record – 11pm thoughts and questions

How do you move on when you feel like you have unfinished business but have nothing more to say?  Why do we always have a strong desire to make things right?  How do you follow your heart when you can’t even decipher your emotions? When can we break free from such contradicting feelings?

I miss you. I’m glad you’re not in my life. Do you think about me? I don’t want to know if you don’t. I hope you’re doing okay. How can you be doing so well without my presence in your life? I feel nothing and everything towards you. I forgive you. I’m still hurt.

If we had the choice to go back in time and fix what had yet to be broken would I? Would you?

Where would we be today if things had been done and said differently? Was this outcome ultimately inevitable?

How do you truly accept the fact that you will never have all the answers?